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We are delighted to invite you to attend the EASL Monothematic Conference “NASH: Beyond the acronym: certainties and clinical dilemmas” in Riga, Latvia.

 Covered topics  -  NASH, Epidemiology, Disease History and Prognostic, Diagnosis Progress, Disease Management

The outbreak of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes has driven NAFLD as the first cause of liver diseases.  Management of NAFLD in clinical practice is surrounded by uncertainties and clinical dilemmas that motivate us to explore them beyond the borders of hepatology. Liver outcomes of NAFLD like cirrhosis, liver cancer or liver transplantation would appear in a small percentage of the large population suffering from NAFLD giving the opportunity to define better skills and tools for decision-making. The conference will be an excellent place to discuss epidemiology and pros and cons for population screening together with the analysis of individual risk factors from genes to environment. NAFLD as a systemic disease is associated with several pathological conditions from cardiovascular to kidneys and lung diseases. Diagnostic methods would be addressed, including liver histology as well as non-invasive methods. Defining safe and accurate non-invasive diagnostic methods are an unmet need that is mandatory to resolve for the improvement of knowledge and management of this entity. Mechanism of disease progression could allow us to look for new therapeutic targets. Lastly, patient selection for therapeutic interventions starting with approaches to promote weight loss using diet and physical exercise interventions to bariatric surgery will be reviewed. In non-responders patients, emerging pharmacologic options would fill the gap to increase success rate in NASH resolution.

Targeted audience               Why attend?
  • Hepatologists
  • Physicians with interest in Hepatology
  • Researchers in the field of NASH
  • Health professionals
  • Young researchers and trainees
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Scientific Committee

Jean-François Dufour

Manuel Romero-G
Vlad Ratziu
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Key Deadlines


12 February 2016


13 March 2016


18 April 2016